Acoustic Jazz Duo with Joseph Ramelsberger (Saxophone, Guitar)

Fairy Tales, Literature and Music
With accomplished actress and storyteller Klara Miller-Führen

Water Music
A Program inspired by the beautiful Chiemsee, the largest and most famous Bavarian lake.  Late German Romantic Lieder in the first half, original Jazz Arrangements in the second half.  More information at: http://www.chiemseesang.de/
Three Songwriters wear their hearts on their sleeves; a showcase of lush, beautiful compositions.  With Joseph Ramelsberger (Guitar, Vocals, Saxophone) and Peter Rosenegger (Bass, Guitar, Vocals)

"Color-Sounds" with Otto Hopfensperger (Guitar, Vocals) and other musicians; Original Compositions and Improvisations inspired by paintings of Franz Marc, Vassily Kandinsky, Chenny Gan and others

Junior Chamber Music  

I serve as the International Tour Coordinator of this prestigious chamber music program for young musicians in Southern California.  In April 2010, outstanding students of JCM traveled to New York for a tour and Masterclass at the Julliard School of Music.  The trip culminated in a concert at renowned Carnegie Hall.  Two years later talented students traveled to Salzburg, Austria, for a residency and concert at the famous Mozarteum Conservatory.  In June 2014, we toured Helsinki, Finland (Sibelius Academy), Tallinn, Estonia and St. Petersburg, Russia (St. Petersburg Conservatory). More information about JCM and its activities at www.juniorchambermusic.org

VHS Trostberg

Since January 2010 I have been teaching for the Volkshochschule Trostberg, Germany.  These types of schools are unique in Germany and offer adults an opportunity to expand on their interests and hobbies in the evenings.  Courses I teach vary from Mandarin Chinese, English Conversation--Culture (Focus on Art, Music, Films, Philosophy), English for Musicians and Singers, and Chinese Calligraphy/Brush Painting.  The VHS is a wonderful institution for supporting interdisciplinary, integrated creative projects relating to music, visual arts, and languages in the community.  More information at http://www.vhs-trostberg.de/

"Talented Women, Famous Men"

A project initiated for the Trostberg Tertulia Intercultural Lecture Series.  The idea is to give lecture recitals about extraordinary women composers who were associated (and often unjustly overshadowed) by their more famous male colleagues.  Women such as Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel, Clara Schumann, Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, Marianna Martines, and Maria Szymanowska were well-respected composers and musicians of their time, but they were all compelled to suppress their talents due to the social taboos and constraints against women becoming professional musicians.  Planned performances in Trostberg, Traunstein and Salzburg.  I hope to continue this project and delve deeper into works by Viardot-Garcia, Tailleferre, Ruth Crawford Seeger, and others.

Schloss Triebenbach

Several years ago I began the project of painting and restoring the „Mozartsaal“ (main theater) in Schloss Triebenbach.  The castle was a popular summer retreat for the Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his sister Nannerl when they were children.  The noble Schidenhofer family, who owned the castle around the latter part of the 18th century, were close friends of the Mozart family.  The grounds are now owned by my friends, the Count and Countess Logothetti.  I hope to continue work on the Mozartsaal during summer holidays.

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